GSK 25i-T-H CNC Turning Control

The GSK 25i is a high performance CNC system characterized by it’s powerful functions and simple operation. It is designed with machining centers, boring machines, milling machines, turning machines, and drilling machines with 3-5 axis linkage. The GSK 25i adopts a high-performance hardware platform and Linux operation system. It supports up to 8-axis with 5-axis simultaneous linkage and five axis control functions that include five-axis RTCP (tool center point control), inclined plane (3+2 positioning) machining and five-axis manual feeding. In addition it supports the axis synchronization and PLC axis control. The system employs GSK-Link industrial Ethernet bus and servo real-time communication. When matched with the GR series servo unit (high speed and high precision) and servo motor with a high resolution absolute encoder that can realize positional precision of 0.1µm with the adoption of PID position closed loop, and feature by its advance preview ability (preview up to 2000 blocks) path smoothing ability and 1 ms interpolation cycle the system realizes high-speed and high-precision machining for small line section as well as well as the machining of molds. These controls can be order with a variety of digital servomotors and drives, or can be order as a pre-wired kit with the drives installed in an electrical box and the CNC control in it’s own enclosure. We also offer this control on our economical line of machining centers.