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CNC USA has been involved with the manufacturing, service, and support of CNC machine tools since 1991. During this time, we have developed customer support and inventory management software tools that assist us in providing exemplary service and support to our clients. We also have developed relationships with world-class machine tool builders and component suppliers that help us in providing affordable solutions directly to our customers. 


The construction of CNC components has greatly improved over the last ten years. The new CNC controls, motors, and drives are modular in design and are much more reliable than older systems. We have built machines with a variety of CNC systems and have determined for our machines that GSK CNC components provide the best balance between affordability and superior features and function. Each of our machine tool systems are built using state-of-the-art servomotors, spindle motors, and drives that provide advanced performance surpassing earlier machine tool systems. The reliability and the serviceability of our electronic packages will simplify, as well as streamline your maintenance requirements. Also ask about GSK retrofit kits as a possible upgrade for your older CNC machines.


As a result of our in-house engineering capabilities, we have developed a wide selection of features and accessories for our different models of CNC machine tools. These models include live tool systems working with C-Axis spindle, Y-Axis live tool options, sub spindle machine tool options, turret models of lathes equipped with power tools and steady rests, as well as machining centers with both 4th and 5th axis rotary tables. We also will quote machine tools built for specific applications including large oil tool lathes, Swiss Style CNC turning centers, large CNC turning centers and machining centers that require special features and specifications. We have relationships with several machine tool builders and can provide direct quotes on complete machine tool systems with unique features and specifications at a considerable savings.


Our group of technicians has over twenty years of experience with CNC controls, PLC development, and CNC machine tool integrations. We provide complete electrical and mechanical documentation for each of the machines we sell. We maintain an inventory of spare parts that assist us in providing an immediate response to service requests. Purchasing a machine from us solves the concern of purchasing a machine from an importer who is there during the sales process, but difficult to contact in the ensuing years that you own the machine.


We are offering machines to wide range of industries that include the following:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • R&D/Education
  • Oil & Energy
  • Job Shop
  • Automotive
  • Fitting & Sensors
  • Connector & Fastener
  • Defense & Government

Contact Info:

PO Box 4721, San Clemente, CA 92674
1516 E. Edinger Ave. Unit B, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone 949-525-5201