GSK 980TDi CNC Turning Control

The NEW 980MDi CNC control with updated software/hardware is a very aggressive full-featured control with 2ms block processing and programs with G-codes and M-functions. This control uses the GSKLINK bus technology, matched with 17bit absolute encoders (no home or limit switches) that carry out automatic recovery of the system power-on no-block mechanical zero return, servo parameter on-line modification or servo state on-line diagnosis, etc. We are using a servomotor and drive on the machines main spindle motor with wide option of horse power available. We have available post processors in Fusion 360 for the GSK CNC controls. We have available 2, 3, or 4-axis kits, Full 4-axis simultaneous standard capability of this control, rigid tapping standard, boring, machining big diameter threads, Graphic programming, LAN interface Ethernet Port, complex curve surface machining speed: 8m/min optimum machining speed: 4m/min, Max. Positioning speed: 60m/min’ max. Feedrate: 15m/min 1000 block look-ahead and spline interpolation, Excellent high-precision and high-speed interpolation, Supports macro programs (Macro B) more concise programs, Supports PLC online monitoring, edit, compile and signal follow functions, Supports multiple languages with a change of a parameter, Supports RS232, USB and LAN network interfaces and data transfer, DNC machining and USB on-line machining, Color LCD monitor with 800 X600 resolution 8.4” or Optional 10.4”, Rigid tapping, graphic programming, DXF drawing for drilling, ISO-G-codes, run and test program by hand wheel, 208v (Range 190-240) 3-phase system electronics. 64M program space 60Mb built in hard drive user storage (program capacity). Includes ethernet servo spindle with real 3-time overload ethernet based servo, which is a non-PC based extremely reliable complete CNC control, cables, motors and drives system.